What does "HOA" stand for?

Home Owner's Association

Do I have to pay monthly dues?

Yes. Every homeowner is required to pay monthly dues. After purchasing your home you will receive your vouchers for the entire year that must be included with your payment.
Pinebrook Terrace Condominiums is managed by Total Property Management
(253) 927 - 3076

Who do I make the check to for my dues?

Pinebrook Terrace Condo Assoc.

Can I have a dog?

Yes. Please refer to the HOA House Rules for the restrictions and rules regarding dogs.

Who pays for water and sewer?

Every month each homeowner is required to pay their Home Owner's Association dues. A portion of your dues goes towards covering the cost of water and sewer for the entire complex.

Is cable included in my dues?

Yes. Comcast basic cable in also included in your dues along with the water and sewer bill and landscaping for the common areas of the complex.

How do I get a visitor parking for my out of town guest who is staying more than 24 hours?

Please contact Total Property Management: (253) 927 - 3076

Can I attend a HOA meeting?

Yes. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month in the evening (please refer to the home page for exact location/date/time of the next meeting). All homeowners are welcome to come to the monthly meeting. You will be expected to bring your own chair and listen quietly until the Q&A time is announced. If you would like to attend the monthly meeting please contact the property manager.

Can I paint my carport?

No. All units are required to be the same color.

What can I put under my carport?

Your car and trashcans along with your recycling cans are allowed under your carport. Bicycles must be hung neatly on the wall. All other items must be stored in your personal storage shed.